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Editors Note
The game nears Gold, and a word on Washington. Read More...

Publishers Corner
A short note from the Diversions Publishing President this month on conferences and a recent survey. Read More...

Tournament Results
Find out all the scores and highlights from this paths month of tournament action. Quotes straight from the players! Read More...

Beyond the Battlegrounds
An explosion has rocked the professor's lab. Who? How? And where has stephan gone off to? Read More...


Jaguar. Ooh, shiny.

Sonic boom, anyone?

Someone is about to die.

I saw the sun...

Editors Note

- Wayne Frazee


This October has been a busy time for us here at DE. The whole team has been putting in long hours to get the game in your hands, going into a frenzied super-crunch-mode, wolfing down frozen dinners, sandwiches, fast food, and sodas at a rate to make even the big chain stores happy at our patronage. The effects on the game are incredible, DirectX-shader based reflections and glow effects, arena changes and enhancements, new content has been going up across the entire site as graphics and screenshots get their updates to go with the new material. The limited test has but a small TASTE of the awesome game that we are getting ready for. We should soon have some new servers up for you all to try out for a much better online gameplay experience.

Recently, with a big Thank You to Viper for putting it together, the first ever serious tournament was held with the results later in this BattleCast. The tournament was a definite success with several clans participating and a great time had by all. Some of the recordings are linked to in the tournament results (please be advised they may not work 100% correctly as there have been some changes since 2010, the build that they were recorded with).

November 7 through 9th will see Diversions Entertainment coming to the Washington DC metro area. Judy Elam, Darcy Naylor, Juan Villegas, and myself will all be on-hand at the event, demonstrating the game and giving players a sit down and given a brief course in playing the game by a dev! Mark it down on your calendars and get ready to make it out to the Xcelerator Gaming LAN and Tournament. Check out their website for more details, to reserve a LAN spot, and take advantage of great hotel rates. Definitely hope to see you there.

Also this month, putting out a call for BattleCast submissions. Future editions will accept freelance submissions. Email submissions to before the 11th of each month to be considered for that month’s edition. Please note that it is at our discretion which submissions are published, and that anything you submit becomes the property of Diversions Entertainment in order to be published in any media. Get your name into the community and be a part of the BattleCast. Email your submission in for next month’s edition!

Publishers Corner

- Judy Elam


We will be going to our first preview showing of One Must Fall: Battlegrounds in Washington. We have 8 going of which 4 are DE team members. The Conference is a combination of ski conference and game tournement. You can see more about it here If you would like to attend and help in the booth, be sure and let me know. It is Nov. 7, 8th, 9th.

We have a Conference CES in Jan. 8,9,10 in Las Vegas, and we will be playing the tournement of One Must Fall: Battlegrounds at the CES show. We will tell you more about it at a later date. We plan to take this game to all areas of the country.

This next week is for final content of the game. Then it is tweeking the game for it's final release and big debut.

We sent out a survey of our membership. It looks like the game is well received and there should be many sales from the survey we have taken. If you have not done the survey, please do so.

Thanks for your continued support of One Must Fall: Battlegrounds.

Battlecast Tournament

- Wouter Van Dongen



Match 1 [Elite versus Universal Militia] 20 - 8

The first match played was at 13 September, FOE vs. Universal Militia. FOE which turned out to be Elite which caused some problems around the boards. The match was fun and a bit laggy as pings varied from 30 to 250 in extreme situations. Though people live in other states or continents it was a good game. However the match ended up like 20 – 8 for Elite and now they have moved on to half final!

Y2K MASTER - Our match against UM was pretty fun. It was Viper and Firebird VS. Sapphire Falcon and me. This whole tournament was a little unorganized but it was the first tournament since the limited test was released so there isn't anything like OGL set up but it went very well. The tournaments in the future will be much more organized and better since this was to test how it goes. All in all, OMF: BG is shaping up to be a good tournament and laddering game for online play and I think the full version will be promising because there will be additional things.

Match 2 [Fury Talon vs. eXceSs] 2 – 17

FT did their best but unfortunately for them XS was better.

Match 3 [Antidote to life vs. Hyper-X] 0 – 20

This was the third and the last match to be played in the qualifications at 21 September. hX beat ATL almost clearly. ATL fought very well for a newbie clan against Beta clan. Mordax did pretty well he beat fire up once. Some other members of ATL also fought well. But it was very clearly that hX was about to win the match without much resistance that kept them away of a clearly victory.

SALEM - The participants of the fight were Mordax and me as the ATL Clan, and Fire and Player from HX. We all used jaguar HARs for the fighting. At the beginning we knew they were pretty good but we had some hope of getting some points. As the battle transpired, HX team were clearly leading the match ( if some one didn't expect it :P ) they made notice of how good they are, for example I was defeated with a great concatenation of movements and combos, big combos. But well, it think we weren't so much bad playing as we are a newbie clan playing OMF:BG, and for the training we have (nearly none, for not saying none) I think we weren't so bad; once Mordax killed Fire, this is a good signal, proving that if we train more perhaps we could become a serious competitor; and by my side i nearly killed one HX guy, but he killed me before i could give him the last hit.
FIRE - hX's tactical squad had been training for quite a bit back then. Player came out with the idea of letter codes for common in-game situations (s for stunned, etc.). The first match against ATL demonstrated the efficiency of these codes. I was simply amazed. It was as though we were in constant voice communication the whole match. ATL did pretty well, but they were dispirited from the start, which is not a good attitude. This was our first clan match in a while, and we needed to build up our confidence a bit. Then came the hX v XS match. Most of hX expected it to be a close match, but it turned out to be otherwise. This was partly due to the unavailability of skilled members from the XS side, which could be a sign of disorganization. Again, the codes and pre-planned strategy worked out mostly flawlessly.

Half Finals:

Match 1 [eXceSs vs. Elite] 14 – 15

XS made a fairly good start but after a few rounds Elite made some strategies up and began to win a couple of rounds. After a while the score went up slowly all the time 1 for XS and 1-3 for Elite and so on. There was a bit lag but in disadvantage of both clans. XS was short in players so GhostCow had to sit on the bench. The best players were Y2K Master and CyberFrog. Most rounds they were the last players alive. It was an exiting match but Elite won and that’s what nobody expected.

AnonT – The match was good fun. XS took an early lead, but once Y2K and I got used to CyberFrog's and Malfrex's style (and once I stopped hitting Y2K when it went down to a 2v1), we made an excellent comeback. They went from winning most of the first 5-6 rounds to winning about one every three or four rounds towards the end.

Once the game really got underway, most rounds consisted of two 1v1s. Y2K_Master and Cyberfrog were fairly evenly matched, both using jaguars. Malfrex and I fought each other in Pyroses, and my wins over Malfrex turned a number of rounds to our favor. The main problem with the fight was that both Elite's "star player", Endy, and XS's favourite happy grass spokesman, Cardy, were unable to make it. GhostCow sat out because XS was short on players; most of XS' people showed up for the second fight but skipped the first. Had different members from each clan fought, things could have been very different (and I don't necessarily mean in XS' favor). Lag was a bit of a problem for both teams. I didn't notice it quite as much as Malfrex and Cyberfrog, but it was an issue.

Match 2 [Hyper-X vs. eXceSs] 15 – 3

One of the most rumoured matches of the tournament. hX vs. XS, Hyper-X was in top conditioning and XS couldn’t gather the player they needed to win. So they lost against their biggest rival.

Match 3 [Hyper-X vs. Elite] 15 – 0 (final deciding match)

Elite did pretty well all tourney long and didn’t expect to come this far. Especially because they haven’t got any Beta testers in their clan! Elite did some nice damage to the hX members but still not enough to win any round. One of the nice actions of Elite was that GhostCow and AnonT did a double super firespin with some hX members between them. All matches before made Elite way popular amount the crowds. A pitty it had to end up like this for them hX was in a very good shape this time and the server was almost lag free thanks to Killer Roach.

FIRE - And then came the final match vs Elite. After Elite had beaten XS, it experienced a huge popularity jump, and hX wondered if it actually had a chance. Thankfully, we had a nearly-lag-free server (KR's), and Elite experienced our code system at it's finest (ouch ;) ).


Elite and Hyper-X decided to make match 3 the last match of the half finals the final match. XS was already out because they already lost all matches. Now hX is the champion till next tournament! I want to thank everybody who helped us organizing this and participating the tournament.

Note: The recordings of the matches are from build 2010! The changes of the new builds may let the game crash if you play the replays.

Beyond the Battlegrounds - Part 4

- Travis Best


The stars slowly circled overhead, harsh points of light forcing through the dark fabric of the night. Despite the stars, no recognizable objects projected themselves from the dark. Confused, Professor tried frantically to look in all directions, unable to find any recognizable reference point to know where he was. The dull thrum at the back of his head started to pulsate, quickly enveloping his head as the stars faded into a constant, dull grey.

A chair materialized to his left, rocking in his vision upon the waves of pain. He tried to gain his footing, and started to reach out for the chair where it sat. Instead, he dove for the floor off the desk where he had just lay, smashing his head against the floor. A fresh wave of pain flashed through his head as he reached to cradle it within his arms. He lay upon the floor until the pain subsided.

Once the pain had resolved itself to a tolerable throb, Professor raised himself into the chair with meticulous care. He was still within his lab; the console now lay shattered upon the floor behind the desk, shards of glass framing the point of collision. Glancing around the room, he could see the first rays of light creeping through the still open doorway.

Slowly, things started to piece themselves back together within his mind. Steffan had gone on a rampage during the night, or at least his physical self had. The intonation of his voice had sounded completely different when he went wild, ranting about “we” prior to his flee from the building. Something had happened to him and until he figured out the cause, he would have to keep on careful watch. Whoever had done this to Steffan surely knew about him as well.

Grunting to himself, Professor got up out of the chair and headed over to the door and closed it. He stood in place for a moment and soaked up the silence contained therein with sadness. His first goal would have to be finding Steffan and if that could be attained, finding a means to cure him.

Professor, memory fueled by his thoughts of Steffan, headed off to the main console and feverously started to hammer away at the keyboard. “Don’t be destroyed… don’t be destroyed…” he started to mutter under his breath, as he activated the tracking software. A sigh of relief poured out of him as the vitals for the HAR appeared on his screen, functioning well within the operational range. As the map zoomed in upon the HAR’s exact co-ordinates, a small glimmer of hope started to develop within Professor. Perhaps Mizuno was still functional and had at least some trace of what had occurred with Steffan. All he had to do was retrieve the HAR, upload him, and get him to talk.

As the map zoned in on its final location, his hope twisted into a state of confusion. The HAR was situated right outside the building. He watched on his monitor as it jerked and stumbled forward along the outer wall of the building. “How?” Professor asked, his voice but a whisper. As he glanced back at the monitor he saw the HAR had reached the door, verified by the mechanical method the handle had started to be jerked side to side. Professor dove under the console desk for cover and smacked his head on the lower edge as he slid under. The flash of pain was accented by the rip of metal as the HAR smashed its hand through the door where the handle had once been. The door silently drifted open, the HAR blocking out the sun, which was had just begun to creep above the horizon. It stood there for a moment in silence, stepped through the door frame then came to a rest on its haunches.

Professor remained under the desk, waiting to see what it would do next. After it remained immobile for several minutes, Professor inched his way from beneath the desk. “All right,” he muttered to himself, and started to collect the cables necessary to link the HAR to the system. He approached the HAR with caution, and linked the cables. As he sat down at the controls to attempt to upload what remained of Mizuno he let out a sigh of relief. The HAR wasn’t programmed to attack him. Now he just had to discern if Mizuno was in control now or if it was reprogrammed with a message to send in his place.

“I’m sorry.” Mizuno’s voice echoed through the expanse of the empty room. “There was nothing I could do.”

”What happened?” inquired Professor.

“I’m not quite sure. My best guess is they had some sort of EMP security system enabled.”

”Why, what happened?”

”Essentially, I was disengaged from the HAR. When I regained system control I wasn’t unable to read Steffan’s vitals”

”Perhaps” murmured Professor to himself. “That doesn’t explain his erratic behavior…”

”Erratic?” inquired Mizuno, seeming greatly interested.

”Yes, he started to…” started Professor, cutting himself off, suddenly cautious.

”You were saying? What happened to Steffan?”

”Nothing significant… He will be fine.”

”What happened?” inquired Mizuno once again, the forceful tone in his voice apparent.

“He is fine, he is just resting.”

”You are lying, Professor.” Mizuno returned to the HAR, spinning it in an uncontrolled 90 degree turn to face the table. It settled itself back down onto it haunches as Mizuno returned to the system. “He is no longer here.” Stated Mizuno. “Where is he ?”

Professor, understanding the situation started to slowly carry out his plan of action. “He…” started Professor, losing his train of thought as he slowly moved towards the HAR, “… uh, he, err… I had him taken to the hospital to be examined.”

”Professor” began Mizuno, “you’re doing it again. Tell me what happened.”

”Hrm? Oh… He had what appeared to be a spasm, so I sent him to the hospital.”

”Professor, stop with the games.” Mizuno stated, clearly aggravated. “I need to know so I can equate the cause and effects of this scenario.”

”I doubt the results are going to be of benefit.”

“Explain what you mean, Professor. I’m quite curious.”

“Steffan will be fine… that’s what I mean.”

”Will he really?”

“Yes. I’m more concerned about what you may have found.” Professor slowly reached out for the plug to the HAR, no longer focused on the discussion.

“We found nothing.” Explained Mizuno, “we were stopped before we got a chance to enter the establishment to check it out.”

Professor ignored Mizuno’s reply, intent on removing the one means through which Mizuno could exit the system.

”Professor, what are you up to?” Inquired Mizuno. Pausing for a moment, he quickly understood what was going on. “Foolish little man,” cackled Mizuno, “do not mettle with what you do not understand.”

Professor quickly yanked the plug from the back of the HAR, aware that he had been discovered. “Whatever you plans were, Mizuno, they are not going to include leaving this laboratory.”

”You have much to learn, old man” stated Mizuno. As he smiled upon the monitor, the HAR swung its arm behind, grabbing Professor. He cried out in surprise as the HAR lifted him into the air above its head. “Do you really think that I would evacuate that HAR completely?” laughed Mizuno. “I can duplicate myself, I was sure you of all people would understand that.”

”Is that what happened to Steffan?” demanded Professor. “Did you somehow overwrite his brain?”

”I don’t know, you tell me, Professor. What happened?”

”You mean to tell me you do not know?”

Mizuno tossed Professor into the air as if he were a child, his limbs flailed in a failed attempt to escape. “Come on, boy” mocked Mizuno, “tell daddy what happened. Don’t worry, you won’t be punished.”

”You know damn well what happened to Steffan!” raged Professor, “Somehow you infected his brain and he ran off raving like a lunatic!”

“Dear, dear Professor… I wouldn’t call it an infection. I enlightened him.”

”Why, you lying little piece of…” started Professor as Mizuno threw him into the air once again, this time sending him into a spin. The floor seemed to gape at him as he pummeled head first towards it. He curled his hands over his head, tucking in and prepared for the blow when he stopped inches from the floor. Mizuno had grabbed him by a leg and was letting him hang there. The only sound Professor could hear was the gentle rustle of his shirt as he swayed back and forth like a pendulum, a dull throb of pain tunneled free from his ankle down his leg.

“You will work for me now” claimed Mizuno.

“You think I’m going to succumb to my own creation?” laughed Professor through his teeth.

“Perhaps you misunderstood me, it wasn’t an offer.”

“You’ve become a virus; if I do anything it will be killing you.”

“I understand your disdain. However, you are now a nemesis so your choices are to assimilate or be terminated.”

Professor let out a cry of pure agony as Mizuno slowly crushed his ankle. He let him hang there, as he frantically tried to reach for his ankle and the soft crackle of bone kept time. Without warning, Mizuno dropped Professor to the floor, a fresh burst of pain drove up his body like a lightening bolt as his foot connected with the floor. Professor pulled his foot beneath him, wincing in pain as he dragged himself over to the system.

“Still determined to thwart me, are you Professor?” mocked Mizuno. “I suppose you are much like Alalus, as I am Anus.”

“I have no authority for you to take from me” retorted Professor. “What could you possibly want of me that you don’t have?”

”A body” stated Mizuno. “Steffan didn’t want to give his up, as a result he was driven mad. You however, Professor, can give me what I desire.”

”There’s no way in hell I’m going to give up my body to a virus like you!”

”Oh, no worries, I no longer desire for a body of flesh; too weak, too susceptible. You will make me a body.”

”You want a body?” cried out Professor as he pulled himself up, using his chair as leverage. “You got one!” Professor picked up his chair over his head and topped into the console with it as he attempted to throw it.

The chair smashed through the screen, shattering the mainboard hidden behind. Professor fainted from the pain as he came down on his ankle as from behind Mizuno made a mad dash at him, fist raised. When he reached Professor he pumped back then drove his fist down towards him at full force. Professor slumped off of the console, as the fist sunk through.

Professor awoke as Mizuno struggled to get his fist disengaged from its trap. He slowly pulled himself up the backside of the HAR, as he desperately grabbed for the control panel on the back. Mizuno, aware that Professor was now on him attempted to gain hold on Professor, but the HAR’s arms could not reach behind. Professor finally caught a finger hold on the panel door, and tore it open. As he reached for the main power breakers Mizuno ripped his hand free of the console and spun around. Professor flew off to the side, the control from one of the breakers tearing off in his hand.

Mizuno turned toward Professor and made another dash at him. Mid-stride, Mizuno stopped suddenly and fell to the floor and slid up to Professor, gently brushing his side. He let out a sigh of relief and collapsed onto the now inactive HAR, Mizuno a victim of his own game.

Judy Elam
Executive Producer
Wayne Frazee
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