Source Mods

Life: The Battle Within

Life is the name of the game we developed in our final 2 terms. Originally the game started out with a very broad scope: to have an RTS/action hybrid set within the confines of the human body. Not only was the scope of the game broad, our aspirations were as well. We chose to use the Source engine as opposed to the more common route of the Unreal 2 engine, despite none of us being very familiar with it. Over the course of the project we became more familiar with the engine we were able to figure out ways of implimenting our ideas efficiently and quickly. The game went through many changes until it arrived in its current form but I have a better understanding of the engine because of it.

My role for the project was the camera and weapons systems. Although a third-person camera is not default within the Source engine I was able to impliment one which allowed the player to rotate the camera around freely via the mouse while detecting any collisions it may encounter with the environment. If it started to pull too closely to the player it would cap off but turn the player model transparent to allow them to still see the world around them. As for the weapons the player had access to a fast-firing pistol-based weapon as well as a grenade-type weapon that they could only fire after a set timer. A healing weapon was also developed but was not implimented within the final build.

A gameplay video can be viewed here.